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If you have just received an IRS tax notice, then you know the stress, fear, and intimidation with which the IRS can strike. The IRS has the power to seize assets, garnish wages, assess fines and penalties, and even charge crimes. The worst thing a taxpayer can do is to ignore an IRS notice. A local IRS office may offer basic help. More information is immediately below. Yet if your tax issue is important to you, as most tax issues are, and complex, as is also often true, then you need expert advocacy from a California tax attorney Juda serving charming Brentwood. Act today before it's too late.

IRS Office Nearest Brentwood

The IRS's closest local office to Brentwood is its Walnut Creek office at 185 Lennon Lane, telephone (925) 974-3898. Regional IRS offices offer basic services like information about new federal tax laws and IRS notices and levies. You may be able to obtain departure permits and highway-use permits, or update account information and even pay taxes (check and money order only). Local IRS offices also offer help with individual federal tax returns between January 1 and April 18. While local IRS offices have some tax forms available, the IRS provides most forms only online. At an IRS local office, you will not find the assertive, insistent, and sensitive advocacy that many tax problems require.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Fortunately, the complex federal tax code includes several significant, though hidden, rights through which taxpayers may challenge the IRS's formidable enforcement powers. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights guarantees that the IRS informs you of your matter and that you pay only the correct amount. The IRS must let you challenge its action in a fair proceeding and allow you to appeal any adverse finding until you have a final decision in your matter. You also have the right to privacy against intrusive IRS investigation and to confidentiality throughout your tax proceeding. A qualified California tax attorney will know your taxpayer rights and have the skills to enforce them aggressively.

An Individual's Greatest Right

Indeed, your greatest right, the last one that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights guarantees, is the right to retain your own tax lawyer. Tax laws are technical, and tax proceedings are confusing. The IRS is the most powerful of government enforcement agencies. Don't take on the IRS without help.A California tax attorney with a local Brentwood-area office has the experience, skills, courage, character, and expertise to advocate and negotiate for your best resolution. Seek help today to address these and any other tax issues:

  • income tax fraud;
  • liens, garnishments, and levies;
  • audits and appeals;
  • unfiled tax returns;
  • unpaid payroll taxes and trust-fund recovery penalties;
  • offers in compromise;
  • installment-plan agreements;
  • hardship status;
  • injured-spouse and innocent-spouse relief;
  • state license and vehicle-tag holds;
  • state sales and use taxes;
  • state tax audits;
  • California residency disputes;
  • other tax problems.
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