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To challenge IRS and other tax levies, you need a lawyer with special tax skills and substantial experience challenging the IRS. The federal tax code is highly technical, while tax law's administrative procedures are complex. The stakes are also extraordinarily high. The IRS not only files liens, seizes assets, garnishes wages, and imposes penalties but also charges tax crimes. IRS tax notices understandably unnerve even sophisticated taxpayers.

Tax disputes require the reliable and resourceful representation of an experienced California tax attorney. Read more below about how help is on the way for Crescenta Valley's La Canada Flintridge area.

La Canada Flintridge-Area IRS Office

Local IRS offices provide only limited help that does not extend to complex tax issues threatening your finances, business, and reputation. The IRS office nearest La Canada Flintridge is in Los Angeles at 300 North Los Angeles Street, telephone (213) 576-3009. The limited help local IRS offices supply may simply be information on new federal tax laws or sharing with you what an IRS notice and levy means. You may be able to request alien-clearance sailing permits or heavy-vehicle highway-use permits. Local IRS offices may update your basic account information for you. You can also make IRS tax payments (check or money order only) and, during tax season from January 1 to April 18, get help with individual federal tax returns. A few tax forms may be available on-site, the rest available only online.

Getting the Help You Need in Canada Flintridge

The service you need, one that local IRS offices do not provide, is a private tax lawyer to represent you against the IRS. Skilled and experienced tax counsel can pursue your taxpayer rights, invoking the IRS's own procedures to challenge the IRS's claims. Your expert California tax attorney can ensure that you are notified of the IRS claims, and then only subject to pay correct amounts on a manageable schedule while freeing up your assets and saving substantial back taxes, penalties, and interest. Help is available to handle these and other tax issues:

  • income tax fraud;
  • liens, seizures, garnishments, and levies;
  • audits and appeals;
  • unfiled tax returns;
  • unpaid payroll taxes / trust-fund recovery penalties;
  • offers in compromise;
  • installment-plan agreements;
  • hardship status;
  • injured-spouse or innocent-spouse relief;
  • state license and vehicle-tag tax holds;
  • state sales-tax and use-tax disputes;
  • state tax audits;
  • state-to-state residency disputes;
  • other federal, state, and local tax problems.

Retain Your La Canada Flintridge Area Tax Attorney

Rely on the resourceful and trustworthy skills of an experienced and qualified California tax attorney, one that serves the La Canada Flintridge area. Don't waste valuable time while the IRS is at work. Call or go online now to schedule a free consultation. Act before the IRS does.

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