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When you receive an IRS notice of audit or levy, you need reassurance that you can handle the matter properly and with expert professional help. An IRS notice produces anxiety precisely because you have so much on the line. Stakes are high; the consequences of mishandling a tax matter are serious. Get the expert tax help you need from a premier California tax attorney serving magnificent Newport Beach. Don't delay; call today for an appointment.

IRS Office Nearest Newport Beach

You may get only limited help at the IRS office nearest Newport Beach, at 801 Civic Center Drive West in Santa Ana, telephone (657) 247-3438—not independent and effective advocacy for a favorable resolution to your tax problem. IRS employees at that office have basic information about new federal tax laws. You may learn how an IRS notice and levy works for the IRS. Some services like alien clearances and highway-use permits are available there, and you may be able to update account information. Of course, a local IRS office will accept tax payments by check or money order (no cash). Some offices offer help with individual tax returns during tax season from January 1 to April 18, although most tax forms are only available online.

Trustworthy Tax Help in Newport Beach

Don't waste your valuable time at a local IRS office, getting only basic information that doesn't solve your tax problem. And don't try to handle an IRS tax audit or levy on your own. IRS agents know more about tax law and procedures than you do, having spent their IRS careers collecting taxes. Instead, when you need aggressive and independent representation, retain an experienced California tax attorney serving the Newport Beach area. Turn your tax problem into a practical solution, one that you can manage, preserving your income and assets.

The strategies and tactics that your lawyer offers are necessary to achieve the best outcome. Using formidable skills and drawing on long experience, your expert California tax attorney is there to protect your assets, business, and reputation against serious tax matters involving:

· income tax fraud;

· liens, seizures, garnishments, and levies;

· audits and appeals;

· unfiled tax returns;

· unpaid payroll taxes / trust-fund recovery penalties;

· offers in compromise;

· installment-plan agreements;

· hardship status;

· injured-spouse or innocent-spouse relief;

· state license and vehicle-tag tax holds;

· state sales-tax and use-tax disputes;

· state tax audits;

· state-to-state residency disputes;

· other federal, state, and local tax problems.

Reliable Tax Attorney Serves Newport Beach

Individual and business owners realize success when they have available to them experienced professionals with expert services. Retain the best by calling an expert California tax attorney serving Newport Beach. Call now, while you still have time. IRS liens, levies, and garnishments don't dissolve on their own. Take action on your tax problem now. Call or go online now to schedule a free consultation.

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