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If you are a successful individual or business owner facing an IRS tax issue, even for the first time, then you already know how intimidating tax matters can be. You also know how important tax matters are to your income and business.

Unfortunately, while the IRS offers assistance through its local office, its agents won't give you the advice and advocacy you need. The IRS's goal is to enforce and collect, not to help you discern and achieve the best resolution in your favor. You cannot hide from the IRS and are unlikely to persuade the IRS without a skilled tax lawyer's knowledge and experience. Where do you turn for help?

You need effective advocacy from a trustworthy lawyer who can quickly establish a good relationship with the IRS agent assigned to your matter. And you need an achievable solution. Those three things—firm advocacy, good relationship, and practical solutions—are your key to resolving an IRS tax issue.

Contact a qualified California tax attorney today about your specific tax issue. Don't delay. The IRS doesn't wait, and so neither should you. You need a solution.

Los Angeles IRS Office Services

The IRS office located at 300 North Los Angeles Street in Los Angeles, telephone (213) 576-3009, offers limited taxpayer assistance. You may be able to get basic information on notices and levies while requesting adjustments to account information or payments. The office may also assist with routine requests for alien clearances (sailing or departure permits) and answers to basic questions about the Affordable Care Act's tax provisions and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The office also offers assistance with individual federal tax returns, but only between January 1 and April 18. You should also be able to obtain help with a few basic forms at the office, like Form 911 Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance and Form 2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return. You may also find help with individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers and with arranging and making payments (checks and money orders only—no cash). The IRS is always willing to take your money. Most tax forms, though, are only available online, not at the local IRS office.

Yet if you already contacted the local IRS office or tried the IRS toll-free number (800) 829-1040, then you likely realized that you were not going to get the help you need. Their stock answers didn't address your problem. Your IRS call or visit likely compounded your stress, showing that the IRS won't listen and just wants money. If that was your experience, then you need to call a California tax attorney.

Solutions to Your Tax Problem in Los Angeles

Help to negotiate innovative and practical solutions to your IRS tax issue is available locally. Tax attorneys know the options and solutions to IRS tax problems. They help successful individual and business clients in each of these areas—and more:

  • tax problems including allegations of income-tax fraud;
  • tax liens and tax levies, along with tax audits and appeals;
  • unfiled, late-filed, and amended tax returns;
  • unpaid payroll taxes and trust-fund recovery penalties;
  • offers in compromise and installment-plan agreements; and
  • IRS hardship status and injured-spouse or innocent-spouse relief.

The tax attorney also helps with such state and local tax issues as:

  • State of California license and tag holds;
  • State of California sales and use taxes;
  • State of California state tax audits;
  • State of California residency disputes affecting state taxes; and
  • city residency disputes affecting local taxes.

Contact Your Local Reliable Tax Attorney Today

If you have an IRS tax problem, then act now. The IRS and other tax authorities won't wait. You need legal advice and advocacy to achieve a practical solution. A qualified California tax attorney has the strong skills and good character to craft a sensitive and workable solution for you. Call or go online now to schedule a free consultation.

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