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Do you have a tax problem and don't know what to do? Don't delay. Don't procrastinate. Act now. The IRS won't wait on you. Penalties and interest may be accruing. Enforcement might be right around the corner. You worked too hard to let your successful finances or business go to waste. You need a manageable solution, and you need it fast.

Where to Get Help

Where, though, are you going to get help? You have two choices, but only one of them is likely to provide the expert advocacy and special solutions you need. The IRS has local offices around the country that offer assistance. See the information below for the nearest IRS office and the limited services it provides. Yet the agents at those offices don't work for you. An IRS agent's job is to collect taxes.

Instead, you need a private tax lawyer's help, a nearby tax practitioner who has the experience, skill, and character you can trust. A qualified California tax attorney, exclusively serving Beverly Hills, can promptly evaluate your matter and negotiate your best solution. Contact one today to address your tax problem. Don't let the IRS act first. Take the initiative now for your best outcome.

IRS Office Nearest Beverly Hills

The nearest IRS office to Beverly Hills is at 300 North Los Angeles Street in Los Angeles. The IRS office's telephone number is (213) 576-3009. Try calling that office, and you will find that it offers basic tax information. You might learn about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act or the Affordable Care Act, or the consequences of an IRS notice and levy. You might update account information and make payments. IRS offices also offer some help with individual federal tax returns during tax season between January 1 and April 18. IRS offices also offer support with a few basic forms, individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, and making payments (checks and money orders only—no cash). The IRS provides most tax forms, though, only online.

But as you may already have found out, local IRS offices do not offer the individual advocacy most tax problems need. The basic information agents provide likely won't give you the special insight and innovative solution your tax issue requires. Even the IRS's Taxpayer Advocate Service offers only limited services to taxpayers who qualify on grounds such as financial difficulty under adverse action. When your visit or call to the local IRS office confuses or discourages you, feel free to call our office.

Local Help with Your Tax Problem in Beverly Hills

A local California tax attorney is uniquely qualified to serve successful Beverly Hills individuals and business owners who face IRS and other tax problems, including:

  • IRS investigations of unreported income, nonpayment, and fraud;
  • IRS audits, interviews, appeals, liens, levies, and other enforcement;
  • erroneous or unfiled IRS tax returns;
  • federal payroll-tax issues, pass-through liability, and penalties;
  • offers in compromise and installment-payment plans;
  • financial hardship and injured- or innocent-spouse claims;
  • California license plate and tag holds;
  • California sales and use taxes;
  • California tax investigations, audits, liens, and other enforcement; and
  • interstate and inter-city residency disputes over local income taxes.
Contact Your Local Tax Attorney

A local California tax attorney serving the Beverly Hills area is there to help you. Call or go online now to schedule a free consultation. Act before the IRS does.

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