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You may have received an IRS notice of tax levy or a similar tax document that you don't understand, don't believe is warranted, or need somehow to address at risk of your income, finances, or business. What are you going to do? Where can you get help?

Those who face tax problems and the fear and intimidation that accompany them may believe that the IRS is the place for help. Indeed, the IRS has local offices offering various forms of simple help, as shown below. Yet those offices concern themselves with basic transactions like making payments and filling out forms. You won't find there the expertise and advocacy that a complex tax problem needs. Try it, using the information below.

What you need instead is your own local tax lawyer's expert help. A qualified California tax attorney, serving popular Palisades, can investigate your matter and advocate for your best resolution with the IRS.

Above all, do not procrastinate. Tax problems, including their penalties, interests, and levies, will not wait for you. If you received an IRS notice, then chances are enforcement action is coming soon. Don't let the IRS or another tax authority destroy your hard work and success. Act today.

Your Taxpayer Rights

Taxpayers have rights buried deep in the tax code. Chances are that you need your own lawyer to ensure those rights. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights summarizes those rights to include:

  • to be informed;
  • to quality service;
  • to pay only the correct amount;
  • for the IRS to hear your challenge to its action;
  • to appeal adverse IRS action;
  • to a final decision on your matter;
  • to privacy in the IRS's investigation and action;
  • to confidentiality surrounding your tax problems;
  • to a fair and just tax proceeding; and
  • to representation by your own tax lawyer.

Your Most-Important Right

That last right—to have your own lawyer assist you through a complex and daunting tax matter—is your most important right. The IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service offers an IRS advocate at the IRS office nearest Palisades, at 300 North Los Angeles Street in Los Angeles, telephone (213) 576-3009. That office also offers basic information about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act or the Affordable Care Act, and IRS notices and levies. You can also make payments there and, during tax season between January 1 and April 18, get help with individual federal tax returns. Local IRS offices also offer a few basic tax forms, although most tax forms are only online.

You may have already discovered, though, that IRS offices do not provide the expert counsel, aggressive advocacy, and innovative solutions many tax problems require. Call a local California tax attorney local office now for the expertise that your tax problem requires. Examples of tax problems include:

  • unreported income, nonpayment, and fraud;
  • audits, interviews, negotiations, appeals, liens, and levies;
  • unfiled, late-filed, and erroneous tax returns;
  • unpaid payroll taxes and trust-fund recoveries;
  • offers in compromise and installment-payment plans;
  • hardship claims and claims on behalf of innocent or injured spouses;
  • State license plate and tag holds;
  • State sales and use taxes;
  • State tax investigations, audits, liens, and other enforcement; and
  • residency disputes over state and local income taxes.

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A local California tax attorney serving the Pallisades area is there to help you. Call or go online now to schedule a free consultation. Act before the IRS does.

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