California and Federal Tax Problems

Imagine receiving a letter marked IRS or California Department of Tax and Fee Administration on it, and the envelope does not contain a refund. Instead, the letter details a problem with your taxes and is seeking your response. What should you do? How will you respond in a way that is favorable to you?

Despite the best efforts of tax filers and their preparers, California State and Federal tax law complexities can result in government challenges. These challenges are usually tied to federal or state laws and regulations that are not fully discussed in tax instructions. If you have tax problems of this nature, a California tax attorney can help you through the challenges these problems create. A tax attorney can handle numerous tax issues for you, including:

  • Tax liens – A strategy used by state and federal tax agencies in which they connect your property to the paying of your tax bill.
  • IRS audits and appeals – While an attorney is not usually required for audits, having an attorney working with you will make the process less burdensome.
  • Bank levies – This is another way for the IRS to access your assets if you're not paying taxes on time. In this case, they gain access to your bank account(s) and pull money from them.
  • Wage garnishments – Federal and California tax agencies can deduct money from your paycheck if you owe taxes and are not paying.
  • Tax billing errors – Sometimes, government tax agencies make mistakes and you need help getting the error remedied; otherwise, you may have to pay the erroneous amount.
  • Tax debt collection – Federal and California tax agencies have numerous strategies for collecting tax debt. An attorney can help you select an approach with these agencies that limits harm to you.

An experienced California tax attorney can address these and other issues.


There are numerous reasons to choose a tax attorney instead of working with other professionals on your tax issues. The most common professionals involved in these matters tend to be the people who spend time preparing taxes – usually tax preparers of varying skill levels or a CPA. Neither is trained to understand the intricacies of legal matters. Once you begin discussing your taxes with government officials, you are usually involved in a legal matter that can potentially lead to court. A tax attorney is the best choice in these situations.


A California tax attorney can help you manage and solve your tax problems. Contact us to learn more.

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